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March 2012

November 2009
UNICODE - Transmission

Transmission is a story told in 5 parts. All Tracks were originally composed as one track. It is advised to either download the album in a format supporting gapless playback (flac/ogg) or to use a player, that supports gapless playback for mp3-files (like iTunes). This way you can fully experience the progression of the tracks as it was meant to be heard when it was created.

August 2009
GEORGEBLUNT - Curcuitboard

The new album by georgeblunt - including the single "Late" of which you can watch the video at
"Curcuitboard" is the most versatile work of georgeblunt to date. It spans from classic Hip-Hop style beats over chilled out electro to dancable party music and hard electro. You can clearly hear influences from the sideprojects found on, like Unicode or Marvelous Marvin.
Please enjoy this album. Feedback is highly appreciated.

March 2008

This EP was originally created in 2008.

It consists of 5 remixes of tracks from the album "Kleiner Katechismus" by the German rapper "Prezident". The athmosphere the tracks deliver can be described as dark and cold. I tried to reflect this feeling in the music I created for the given accapellas.

So while you wait for the new unicode release due april 2010, enjoy this never before released treasures from the tonstube harddrives.